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Paparazzi NEW RELEASES - Hello Valentine's Day!

Paparazzi NEW RELEASES - Hello Valentine's Day! | Paparazzi Jewelry Independent Consultant Training Tips Success and Resources | Gem Box Accessories
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Paparazzi NEW RELEASES - Hello Valentine's Day!

Up for grabs now are these super cute Valentine's pieces and few 80's, Monstera Palm, and other cute items....silver too!  I try to post new releases I grab on my Facebook Business Page with the option to claim in my Facebook VIP group.  However today, I wanted to share them here!  Take a peek at today's new items!
‼📣 Lots of lovin' stuff! Check out the PAPARAZZ NEW RELEASES! ‼ Love em up! Here's the roster of what's up for today!
Want one for your collection? Claim them in our VIP Group = 😍 They'll invoice to your email Fri 1/7 send your email to me at!
---- Or you can grab these in our new VALENTINE'S BOUTIQUE!  They're up for pre-order right now!  We have so many cute pieces to celebrate love this February.  Here's the lineup for today's New Releases.  If you want to see EVERYTHING Paparazzi has for you today, click HERE as my New Releases are only what I grabbed for my inventory.
Desirable Dazzle - White x 3
Following My Heart - Pink x 3
Just a Little Crush - Pink x 4
Heart-Throbbing Twinkle - Pink x 5 (shown in preview)
Twitterpated Twinkle - White x 4
Urban Extravagance - Black x 1
​Palm Promenade - Silver x 1
​Celestial Royal - Silver x 1
Secret GARDENISTA - Pink x 1
Fairytale Flora - Blue x 1
Stone Sculptures - Black x 1
Prismatically Poppin - Blue x 1
Harmoniously Balanced - Silver x 1
Which one is your favorite?  I really love all of the heart shaped pieces.  I think the pink hoops stole my affection today.  I'll definitely be keeping a pair for myself!  Hope you have a great day!
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  • Tianne: April 16, 2022

    Hi Crystal – thanks for finding my blog! If you click the rotating diamond at the top it will take you to the home section of my website. Then at any time you can scroll down to see pieces by style like earrings OR you can click the magnifying glass to search ‘valentine’ and you’ll find all kinds of cute heart pieces. The nice thing too is if you are looking in the album for Necklaces, you’ll see boxes you can click to filter out anything you’re not looking for. I wanted my website to be easy to use and easy to navigate for certain pieces. Let me know if you find anything you love!

  • Crystal Allen: April 14, 2022

    Beautiful Jewelry I’m a fan of paparazzi please send me a list of all the Jewelry for 2022 Valentines

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