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New Releases Coming Soon!

New Releases Coming Soon!
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Hello hello! Happy Spring!

Some fun news to share with you - our Pre Order option is now changed to our IN STOCK INVENTORY collection.  What does that mean? It means shipping from Paparazzi is so lightning fast, there are no more pre orders.  The wait is over!

Now when I order items in I am receiving them within 3-5 days.  This is similar to how it's been for years and during COVID it lengthened, but now, it's back to super fast!  When you order any item, transit time is now one week!  Wahoo!

Thank you for being a part of this Paparazzi experience and loving the bling for six years now!  Enjoy seeing new items pop up and take comfort in knowing that any item you see is ready to ship and if it's not in my hands yet, it will be shortly.  

One thing I've always appreciated about Paparazzi is the change.  I've never been bothered by little bumps in the road because the pendulum always swings back.  I don't mind having a little faith and waiting things out and in this case, we're right on track.  So order away!  Your bling is super fast and ready for you to love!

Have a wonderful week!  OH and before you go, here's a little sneak peek at what's in stock today! Just in time for Mother's day coming up! 

All of these cute new pieces are in stock now, click the pink link above or if you head to our home page (click the rotating diamond) you'll see a Mother's Day featured collection.  Many of these are one-and-done, so shop fast and I'll ship fast too!  Talk soon! 





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