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May 2022 Fashion Fix - Trend Blend Pre Orders!

May 2022 Fashion Fix - Trend Blend Pre Orders!
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May 2022 Fashion Fix - Trend Blend Pre Orders!

Hi Paparazzi!

Every month around the 22-23rd I receive my Fashion Fix box for the next month's release!  I get every Trend Blend set and a small bundle of Exclusives (never before released SNEAK PEEK items) and double Hostess Rewards. 

Included in the Fashion Fix box are Style Snapshots and Stylist Tip Cards.  These are 8 1/2" by 11" glossy magazine style model/item shots and small description cards on how to style/pair these pieces with wardrobe and colors.  It's a helpful way to share how to showcase the jewelry for the month.  

The goal of getting the box before the 1st is to share with you all of the sets and pieces so that when these drop on the 4th, I've got your orders ready to go.  For Consultants not enrolled (and all customers too) you can grab Fashion Fix items on the 20th. 

That 2 week early-bird window is the perk of being enrolled and getting those pieces fast - I always get every one in my box so there's never a risk of sell-out.  Great news is, Fashion Fix has been lasting and if you take a peek at my replicated Paparazzi website HERE you can see April's Fashion Fix is still available!

May 2022 is also here and I wanted to drop a quick post so you can see all Trend Blends at once!  Take a look below and let me know which set you love the most!  If you want to order any of these sets and/or individual items you can do so in my VIP Group on Facebook HERE.


Which Fashion Fix Trend Blend set for May 2022 is your favorite?

  • White rhinestone glam of Fiercely 5th Ave?
  • Bold brass and bling of Magnificent Musings?
  • Turquoise and silver modernista of Simply Santa Fe?
  • Iridescent UV sparkle of Sunset Sightings?
  • Ocean blue bliss of Glimpses of Malibu?


Vote so I know which one is your favorite! xoxo T





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