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January 2022 Promotion: Free Jewelry Display Tote with Starter Kits! Bling Bag For YOU!

January 2022 Promotion: Free Jewelry Display Tote with Starter Kits! Bling Bag For YOU! | Paparazzi Jewelry Independent Consultant Training Tips Success and Resources | Gem Box Accessories
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Free Jewelry Display Tote with Starter Kits!
Paparazzi parties have always been fundamental to success. Parties are where you connect with customers and meet future hostesses and potential new team members. Parties create an atmosphere where $5 habits are fed and confidence is built.

Imagine creating that atmosphere wherever you are. What if you could instill confidence in line at the grocery store, on the sidelines of a soccer game, or in the waiting room at the doctor’s office? During the month of January, each new Consultant will be prepared to share the joy of jewelry any time, anywhere because every Starter Kit purchased in January will include a FREE Jewelry Display Tote!

Affectionately known as the “bling bag,” this black leather tote features a variety of clear pockets on each side of the exterior, perfect for showcasing your irresistible $5 accessories. Bright pink fabric lines its roomy interior, which means your on-the-go shoppers can browse a variety of styles and you can fill your pockets with even more of that fabulous green!

Those who enroll with a Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) or Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) will receive their FREE Jewelry Display Tote in their Starter Kit box the moment it arrives at their doorstep. Those who enroll with a Preview Pack ($99) will have their FREE Jewelry Display Tote included on their next Paparazzi order.*

If success is found where preparation and opportunity meet, it pays to be ready to party at the drop of a hat.

Paparazzi, get ready to party on the go!

*When purchasing the Preview Pack ($99), the free Jewelry Display Tote will not be available until 48 business hours after enrollment. Once the 48 business hours have passed, the free Jewelry Display Tote will be added to the first order placed via the new Consultant’s Back Office. A minimum of one regular-priced item must be added to the shopping cart for the Jewelry Display Tote to be included on the order. Order for free Jewelry Display Tote must be placed before 11:59 PM ET on January 31, 2022. Standard shipping rates apply. Free Jewelry Display Tote included in original shipment of Small or Large Home Party Starter Kits.

Offer only available to new Paparazzi Consultants. Starter Kit purchase must be made between 12:00 AM ET on January 1, 2022, and January 31, 2022. Free Jewelry Display Tote may not be sold or given away, as it is for Consultant use only.
The above is the latest promotion for January 2022! If you've ever considered joining as a Consultant - here's a great way to get portable with your brand new inventory.  Details on the 'Bling Bag' below: 

Jewelry Display Tote

Item #BAG51

A stylish faux leather tote has been Paparazzified with a pink crown and Paparazzi logo. Featuring vertical zipper closures, large plastic pockets are stitched across the front and back panels, creating windows where jewelry can be displayed.

Jewelry Display Tote measures 13” H x 14.5 L” x 5.5” W
Straps features 11” drop.

 Sold as one individual tote.

Jewelry not included.


The bag is offered for $36.99 in the Back Office - but in January will be available at no cost with your Starter Kit. What a fun offer to ring in the New Year!  Here are some more photos of the tote and the cute Paparazzi details.  Please note it's faux leather but lined and more heavy duty than it may appear.  It's a great addition to your kit!




If you are thinking of joining - grab your kit and get the tote too! Let's see what a little jewelry can do for you in 2022!  Reach out to me, comment below, or feel free to click the announcement bar link to begin.  It only takes a moment to join and you'll love this fun Bling Bag promo!



In case you're wondering if I love mine or size approximation - here's a peek at my own Bling Bag - it's a fun tote with little pockets perfect for displaying items and big enough for your planner and anything you may need throughout the day.  I love that it doesn't slip off of my shoulder and has held up so well.  It's a great addition to my business.


Do you love this idea of getting a tote with your kit? I sure do! See you on the bling side!



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