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It's important to be prepared ahead of time to know how you will ship. You will need to have supplies on hand to mail packages to your customers before you have too many orders.

In the first few days after your kit arrives you will likely take your orders to the post office using free USPS Priority packaging. You may also prepare them like a package you ship to a friend and put the order in your mailbox. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to ship to customers until you reach Director or more than 10 orders a week.
As orders grow, you may want to learn how to ship from home. It's faster, more efficient, and will save you wasted time driving to the post office or overpaying for Priority shipping or packaging. 
This post is a beginning level of how to ship from home using the best supplies that won't waste your money.

We will cover how to package your orders for your customers in another post but this is a great checklist for your supplies!

What comes after the beginning level of shipping from home?

Once you hit Director you will want to graduate to Shopify which will use all of these same tools - so invest in the checklist now while you are small and so that when you have a lot of orders you're not learning a new shipping method and drowning in packages to ship.

With Shopify, the invoicing process and creating a shipping label process is different. It's far superior and will be the method you use for the lifetime of your business. There is a separate unit for Shopify that you can check out once you reach Director. Don't go there until Director rank is yours as it will be overwhelming and I want you to be a seasoned live/shipping Consultant before you learn more. Shopify is a phD in Paparazzi 🙂

Levels of Shipping Proficiency in Your Paparazzi Business

1. Associate's Degree of Paparazzi Shipping: Homemade labels, going to Post Office and using Priority packaging.

2. Bachelor's Degree of Paparazzi Shipping: This checklist and post with print from home/ship from home methods.

3. PhD Degree of Paparazzi Shipping: Using this checklist to integrate Shopify invoicing and shipping with ship from home and post office pickup.
No matter where you are - Director and above or reaching for Director: My goal is to have you prepare SMART now so that you don't re-buy shipping supplies down the road.

Checklist of Supplies 

Thermal Printer: 
Please don't wast time on other cheaper printers or labels.  Yes, it costs more but in five years the Rollo has YET to fail but the Dymo didn't last a month.
I made the mistake of spending less on the Dymo and ended up losing the money on the purchase and having to buy the more expensive one anyway. The cheaper printers (i.e. Dymo XL) will break and your money will be gone. Buy the right items from the get go and they'll serve you for years.
Get a good system in place from the beginning. That's what a smart Consultant will do and that's why you have a leader that warns you of problems before they happen. ❤
Schedule the Post Office to come to your house to pick up your packages:
How To Schedule a Pick Up on PirateShip:

To schedule a free pickup from USPS, navigate to the "Ship" page and look for the blue "Schedule a Pickup" button. From there, simply click Request Pickup > USPS to be routed to this page: Here, you can choose between your saved Ship From Addresses to select the Pickup Location you'd like USPS to use.
Bubble Mailers
Small One-Item Orders i.e. Ring, Starlet Shimmer, small necklace (4 x 😎6)

Zi/Wood pieces (8.5 x 12)
Pro Tip: You may use the bubble packaging Paparazzi sends to wrap and secure your product.  However do NOT use that as your envelop or mail in letter style's tacky ya'll.
When you decide to fill your customer orders, You may package your opened Paparazzi products into organza bags or cellophane bags to ship to customers. I use cellophane bags as they are cheaper and seal with adhesive, looking the most like original Paparazzi packaging.
Organza Bags:
Cellophane Bags (3x5, fits most $5 items):
Pro Tip: Cellophane bags at this link come in various sizes. Cuffs fit 5x7, Zi pieces fit 6x9.
3x5  = fits rings, bracelets, earrings
5x7 = bangles/thick bracelets, necklaces
6x9 = wood necklaces/pearl necklaces
8x10 = Zi/Large Wood necklaces
Here is what a typical order being packaged for a customer will look like:

Now that you are prepared and have a live under your belt, let's talk about what to include in packages for your awesome customers!
My standard order of 3-4 items will fit in this package. Average shipping is about $2.79-$3.05 for a package like this. It weighs about 2-6 ounces and is the bulk of what I ship out.
Here is what I include in my packages to my customers:
  • Secure Items: All items safely secured in a cellophane bag. NO loose pieces. Check for stone loss, damage, etc.  I also include a printed packing slip detailing each item as a 'receipt'.  This comes when you invoice/ship with Shopify.
  • Seal Items: It should be new, unworn, and with labels attached in a sealed bag.  Cellophane bag in photo is 3 x 6, Amazon Link:

    Pro Tip: ALL items will fit in a cellophane bag if you have the right size.  
  • Package Neatly: I will put more than 1 item in a bag if it doesn't look crowded or junky. 2 -3 rings, 2 pairs of earrings, etc. These cellophane bags are very affordable, so to me I want it to look clean vs saving $ on bags.
  • Paparazzi Pink Bags For Order Organization: Place secured, wrapped items into a Paparazzi Pink bag. These come with your kit. If you need more, you can order them in packages of 100 in your Back Office in the shop category Paparazzi Boutique.
  • Be Thoughtful: Along with the items you may include a small branded item. A gift with purchase is against Paparazzi Compliance so I do not advertise any item I place in the bag as part of their purchase. I consider it a part of my packaging i.e. Shipping & Handling.

          Ideas of branded items to include:
          - chinese luck coin
          - love fish (these are funny)
          - small poem
          - small party favor
          - hand written note/card
          (I did this until I had too many packages to include a note in, so I write a thank you in gold sharpie on the pink bag. I'll write, "Thanks Jenny, Love, T" so it's personal and they know I am thankful for their order).
          Note: There are a few Thank You card options in your Back Office that are Paparazzi branded. You can find these in the shop category Paparazzi Boutique. I personally love the mission statement ones.

            Pro Tip: Consider this small token or thought a way to reinforce your style. Choose something that will remind your customers of you and your business.
            • Organize Packages By Customer: To stay organized, I have a post it note with the customers name written on it that I staple to the front of the pink bag. This helps me know right away whose order this is so I don't get them mixed up. If you have more than 1 order this name on the bag technique saves you time shuffling through multiple bags.
            • Seal Your Pink Bag With Gratitude: After I fill the pink bag I fold/roll it until it's a size perfect for tucking into the bubble mailer. I seal with a thank you sticker. That way their items don't fall out of the bag during shipment. This reduces damage as well.

              Thank You Stickers, Amazon Link:

            Pro Tip: There are many versions of thank you stickers. The most cost effective way to order them is in a roll of 1000. Search on Amazon 'Thank You Sticker 1000' to browse designs. Don't be afraid to pick one that reflects YOUR taste in color/style. THIS is how you make YOUR business unique! My colors are gold/black/white/Paparazzi pink so I stick to that theme with my packaging.
            • Keep It Tidy: Once the pink bag is sealed I carefully place it into the bubble mailer. Please don't shove your items into a bag. For customers, opening the package is a 'feel good' moment. Give them quality and they'll come back again and again.
            • Know Who The Package Goes To Before You Seal It:
              Before you seal the bubble mailer, take a sharpie and write the customers name on the front. That way you know whose package this is.
            • Advertise!: Last step before I seal the bubble mailer is to include a flyer that offers the customer the chance to join. You'll see my most recent version in the images attached to this post. You will want to make your own on PicMonkey or even a short typed up note works as well.

              Include on your flyer:
              -Kit prices and what they get in the kit
              -Your join link
              -Savings/Profit being a Consultant vs a Customer
              -Your name and CID (Consultant ID #)

            Why don't I put a business card into my packages?
            Most customers will just throw them away. They will usually reach you online. Don't waste an expensive, custom item when an affordable low-low cost item like a flyer will get the same point across.
            Once you've got those items in the bubble mailer, seal it up and mail it! To me, this is a great way to consistently send beautiful packages to our customers. Our goal is always diamond level A+ service!
            Your customers will appreciate the difference!


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