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I promise you'll be so amazed by the bling you'll feel tempted to grab it ALL!  These are approximate numbers as a guideline only.

Here are the shopping opportunities (via the app after registration, categories will open up - we'll be in touch in a team group to make sure everyone is included. Buddy coming who isn't registered? Let's make sure there is a way to help them too if you've arranged that)

Note: Concert swag MAY be available for performing artists - keep that in mind but merch is super expensive on site - like $30-$40 for a shirt, $20 for a CD...girl, go on Ebay lol.
Paparazzi Boutique - exclusive swag, apparel, bags, cosmetics, accessories, towels, pillows, jackets, memorabilia, and so much FUN stuff! ALL Paparazzi branded!! There will be something NEW!

Pro Tip: Note sizing + whether items will shrink in the wash. Most items will be released later in the back office but if you LOVE it and MUST have it - grab it as it may not come back.

Pricing (may be different, this is an estimate)

-Apparel for women: Shirts $18-$25, Jackets $35-$50, Socks 45-$10
-Apparel for men: Shirts $18-$24, Jackets $24-$50, Collared Shirts +/- $24
-Towels/Pillows: $12-19
-Sunglasses/Lipgloss: $4-16
-Duffel Bags/Gym Bags: $27
-Cosmetic Bags: $5-$20
-Pens/Stationary/Notebooks: $3-$8
-Tumblers/Cups: $5-$15
-Yoga Mats/Blankets: $15-$25
-Fun things like crown cookie cutters, chargers, picture frames, knick-knacky things: $2-$15

----- ZI BOUTIQUE -----

Zi Showroom/Boutique - may include live models wearing the jewelry, round glass display tables with handheld/portable mirrors to try on the Zi (go when it's not busy in the evening like on Thurs) to take selfies wearing each Zi. You can photograph/video the displays. Be on the lookout for Zi bracelets to match. There will be individual glass-encased lit displays at eye level of the Zi's and earrings on busts that are open 360 degrees to photograph/film.

Pro Tip: Try on each Zi and take pre-orders and grab what you can for each request as shipping is FREE! You get first dibs by being at Convention!

Pricing (estimated) WITH Tax included (out the door cost)

-For ONE of the entire 10 Zi Collection minus Signature Series -or- all 10 Signature Series: $183.63
-For ONE of the entire Zi + Signature Series Collection aka all 20 necklaces: $367.25
-Price of each Zi alone: $18.36
-For FIVE Zi Necklaces: $89.69-$91.81
-ZI BRACELETS price per bracelet: $11.48
-For FIVE Zi Bracelets: $$57.38
-For TWO Zi Bracelets: $23.04

Pro Tip: These Zi Bracelets WILL sell out - make arrangements to plan for these now.
There are approximately 6-10 or so Zi Bracelets - each will match a new Zi necklace - I like to grab a few!

YOU get early access to the new Zi Collection line - this can be very powerful!! Use this access as a tool for your business - this is a Convention Perk for sure!
Tips for Convention and the Zi Collection:
--GO TO the Zi Showroom - I know you can order from your app anywhere at the MGM, but I would strongly recommend actually going to Zi Showroom at some point.
--TAKE PICTURES of the Zi Pieces
--TRY ON the Zi Pieces - pick a time when the showroom isn't crazy busy and ask the staff to try on several Zi Pieces (they've done this in the past) - take pictures of yourself wearing them!
--GO LIVE in the Zi Showroom, show the hype and excitement to your customers.
--Remember that all the videos and pictures that you take are your own personal MEDIA KIT for the Zi Collection line until it comes out later - you'll use these all throughout the upcoming weeks, so gather a lot of images.
--BUY Zi Pieces!! You have these when not all consultants do! Stock up! After Convention you won't have access anymore. Usually it's a month or two until the new Zi Collection officially launches, so if you can have stock of those pieces ready and available BEFORE the line launches, that's very powerful. Last year I ran out before they launched, so I'd recommend grabbing more than you think, just in case.
--BUY AGAIN - remember, shipping is FREE, so if you took preorders from customers and put in an order, and then 10 minutes later a different customer messaged you and wants a Zi, order another one. Even if you just order 1 necklace, shipping is free, so you can do that over and over if you need to.
--Don't forget to buy extras of the ones that you want for yourself 😉. (This year you will not be able to wear the Zi Pieces that you buy at Convention because everything will be shipped.)
Inside the Zi Collection Showroom is where you’ll find the 2021 Zi Collection Signature Series. Named after ten incredible Consultants who have pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone and straight onto the catwalk, this year’s lineup is fierce, flashy, and fabulous!
As you browse the displays, order from your phone and have the hottest new statement pieces shipped to your doorstep free of charge. We’ll take it from there!
No items displayed inside the Zi Collection Showroom will be available for will call or pick up during the event. All purchases made at CELEBRATE will be shipped.
----- FALL PREVIEW -----

Fall Preview - This is an open showroom where there are glass bookshelves lined with busts, bracelet displays, earring displays, ring displays all with the fall UPCOMING line (to be released beginning Sept/Oct). There will be waist level round tables with displays as well you can pick up and photograph but nothing will be able to be tried on. NO TRY ONS.

Pro Tip: There are about 100-200 items you'll see displayed. These items will NOT be available for purchase but will be viewable and you can photograph/video these pieces. Go many times to check it out.


Convention Exclusives: These are about 20-50 pieces that are ONLY up for grabs at Convention. Many of you who hit silver LOTP and up will get one of these of the ENTIRE set for free so you can take that out of your budget and buy other things like Zi Bracelets - PERKS, baby!

Pro Tip: These items will sell out - act fast! It's like other New Releases, once they are on the app, add ALL to cart and just grab 1 to begin with if you can. These pieces are all showcasing styles/colors/metals/features that will come out this Fall - more items like this or different colors/metals will be released but the exact item will not be released again. Grab what you can.

2018 - This was 34-40 items
2019 - This was 33- 40 items
2020 - This was 33- 40 items

Soo...worst case scenario lol, 40 items is: $124.30
80 items: $248.60
Per item: $3.11

NOTE: NEW RELEASES and AUGUST FASHION FIX DO COME OUT DURING CONVENTION - Good stuff too! So choose your budgeting wisely. If you get Life of the Party perks, make sure you don't overbuy duplicate items. Check your perks before you go. ❤

Don't forget to budget for FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT, and have insurance cards and a small budget for emergencies

I hope this is helpful in getting you ready for Convention! 


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