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Hello Replay! Shop Items From My Latest Live!

Hello Replay! Shop Items From My Latest Live! | Paparazzi Jewelry Independent Consultant Training Tips Success and Resources | Gem Box Accessories
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Hello Replay!
Shop Items From My Latest Live!

Good morning! Hello 2022!
A cool feature I've always liked about selling jewelry online is the live replay option.  It's a way to showcase items that I've been wondering on how to make better than ever.  I've been trying to decide the most convenient way for you, ya cool Paparazzi fan, to grab those pieces quick.  No wait.  No fuss.  I think I've found a great solution...let's talk about it!
I go live on Facebook + YouTube simultaneously.  This gives me the chance to hit double the viewers at the same time - and it's a ton of fun.  However, not everyone can catch these videos every time.  I don't want anyone to miss out. One of my greatest joys in offering jewelry from Paparazzi is the amount of interaction I get with people I wouldn't have met otherwise.  I've made a lot of good friends and connected with families across the United States.  Thank you for your part in that. 
An awesome feature of going live is the ability to showcase a lot of products in an easy, interactive format.  I like finding ways to make shopping easier.  Over the years I've tried a lot of methods to discover what works and what doesn't.  This isn't a static business, for sure.  Something new I'm rolling out is the live replay shop feature.  I think you'll like it!
First though: What's a replay?  It's watching a live video after the broadcast.  It's where I see a lot of repeat views and it catches people if they weren't able to make the original showing.  My favorite part of replays is that it gives ladies a chance to check out my content on their own time - and shop at their pace.  A way I wanted to improve was to have a fast option to order live replay items in one spot.  Not everyone has time to check out an entire video and may just want to see what's still up for grabs.  I've done quick recap videos, I've done Instagram reels, and I thought....they still have to be invoiced.  How can I make this even easier and faster?
Cue LIVE REPLAY shopping here on my website!  I will update 👉 this link every time I go live so you can shop the replay without the wait.  No invoicing.  No re-watching content you may not be interested in.  You can shop, select, and get it shipped!  Hint, hint - grab my FREE app to get an even better deal on shipping!
This feature will have individual items from the replay available as a photo - you can zoom on a mobile for those sparkly details too!  You can select as little or as much as you'd like and add it to your cart.  The fun scroll-down feature gives you each item with a # and it's as simple as checking out. 
I really hope you like this new option!  For those who are fans of reels and recaps - there'll be plenty of engagement there too.  I don't mind hitting a few bases on the way to a home run.  
Before I close this post, thank you for a happy and fulfilling 2021.  We've been through so many cool moments since 2016 and I know 2022 will be fresh, happy, and chock full of super cute jewelry.  Empower Me Pink is just around the corner in a few weeks and I can't wait to share the Spring 2022 lineup with you.
Have a great day, grab some flowers, get the upgraded cocoa, and let me know your thoughts on this new LIVE REPLAY shop option!  I really hope you like it!


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