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Fall 2021 Pantone Palette | The Colors Of The Upcoming Season

Fall 2021 Pantone Palette | The Colors Of The Upcoming Season
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Fall 2021 Pantone Palette | The Colors Of The Upcoming Season

The latest shades for the season are here! Spring Lake is making a comeback from 2016 to this year's palette! I love Pale Rosette and it's making a splash in our Glimpses of Malibu 2021 September Fashion Fix!

Here's what Paparazzi has to say about these colorful shades:
Cool, crisp mornings, shorter days, and changing colors. These are some of the things that signal to us that fall has arrived. Historically known as a time for harvest and gratitude, this fall we’re seeing a trend that invites us to take stock of what we have and lean into the potential of repurposing and redesigning tired objects. This unique fall trend encompasses DIY handiwork and reimagined designs, and we can’t wait to play!
We’re seeing clothing repurposed into patchwork designs in vests and jackets. Sweater weather takes on a whole new meaning with next-level knitwear and elevated fringe. Be sure to notice how layers of seemingly competing styles and bold colors are pulled together for a new look. What inspiration will you gain from the fall repurpose trend? Imagine the possibilities!
As you explore the hottest new trends of the season, take notice of the season’s gorgeous new colors and the way they complement the pieced together, handcrafted trends. You’ll find traditional fall colors like Olive Branch, Fire Whirl, and Root Beer. But just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean we can’t bring in some vibrancy! Whether it’s the deep hue of Mykonos Blue or the flamboyant tone of Fuchsia Fedora, these pops of bright color remind us that our future is bright.
*The beads shown here are actual elements used in some of our coming pieces!


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