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Empower Me Pink 2022 Exclusives - NEW PIECES For Our Spring Paparazzi Catalog!

Empower Me Pink 2022 Exclusives - NEW PIECES For Our Spring Paparazzi Catalog!
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Empower Me Pink 2022 Exclusives - NEW PIECES For Our Spring Paparazzi Catalog!


Just this last weekend we had access to Paparazzi's Spring 2022 showcase, EMPOWER ME PINK! This was our sixth EMP or #emp2022 if you want to hashtag it - and it didn't disappoint.  We'll be doing a recap of all the Spring lineup, Pantone shades and palette of colors, and the different trends.  It's going to be a pretty season, that's for sure!

Before we launch into that, let's take a look at items we wait for every year - the EMP Exclusives!  These release at Empower Me Pink annually and are five unique items designed to be worn as matching sets or individual glam pieces.  They are typically white and fit the Fiercely Fifth Avenue Trend Blend.  

If you're ready to peek, I've got the big pictures for ya!  Take a look at this year's five EMP Exclusives - and if you love them, YES they are available, you just have to click HERE.

The list of SKU's and names for reference are listed below:

Extragalactic Extravagance - Multi (Necklace)

Limelight Luxury - White (Gem Necklace)

Cosmopolitan Cool - White (Hoop Earrings)

Understated Drama - White (Ring)

For the Win - White (Hinge Bracelet)


Before we roll into these pieces, please know the large title font for each piece is clickable with a direct link to shop that item.  Easy peasy - so if you love it, click away!

The first item is the only bracelet, For the Win - White.  Here is the description:


For the Win - White

Item #P9ST-WTXX-019XX
 Ribbons of emerald and round cut rhinestones loop around dramatically oversized teardrop rhinestones, resulting in an explosion of sparkle across the front of a jaw-dropping bangle-like bracelet. Features a hinged closure.

Sold as one individual bracelet.




Next up is the only ring - Understated Drama- White.  It's a cool throwback piece to vintage styles, here's how Paparazzi describes this beauty:


Understated Drama - White

Item #P4RE-WTXX-480XX

Bordered in stacked rings of glassy white rhinestones, a brilliant white gem sits atop layers of silver studded bars that swoop and stack into blinding bands across the finger. Features a stretchy band for a flexible fit.

Sold as one individual ring.


The third piece in this lineup is the single pair of hoop earrings, Cosmopolitan Cool - White.  These are cute because they divide into three layers of bling, graduating in size from small to largest.  The circumference isn't too big so for those mid-sized lovers, this one's for you!


Cosmopolitan Cool - White

Item #P5HO-WTXX-121XX

Cascading layers of sparkling white rhinestones plunge into flattened silver plates creating a stunning eye-catching hoop earring. Earring attaches to a standard post fitting. Hoop measures approximately 2" in diameter.

Sold as one pair of hoop earrings.


There are TWO necklaces in the Empower Me Pink Exclusive list this year and one reminds me faintly of Marissa, a 2018 Zi piece. The same blinging' rose cut solitaire rhinestones in a faux prong setting flank a thick, silver chain.  This lovely is called, Limelight Luxury - White.  Hello, sparkle!


Limelight Luxury - White

Item #P2ST-WTXX-115XX

Set in silver pronged fittings, five dramatically oversized brilliant white rhinestones connect across the collar and attach to an oversized silver chain creating a stunning spot-light loving statement piece. Features an adjustable clasp closure.

Sold as one individual necklace. Includes one pair of matching earrings.



The final piece is the pretties necklace I've seen in a long while - Extragalactic Extravagance - Multi.  The AB rhinestones (that's Aurora Borealis for the AB, implies the finish is like the Northern Lights) sparkle in a triangular geometric cluster that would be perfect for a cute satin dress or a simple straight cut jean.  You can't go wrong with this stunner


Extragalactic Extravagance - Multi

Item #P2ST-MTXX-088XX

Featuring a stellar radiance, clusters of teardrop and marquise cut iridescent rhinestones fan out from white rhinestone centers along the tops of studded and pronged triangular frames. The centermost frames feature embellished bottoms, adding an extra splash of cosmic iridescence as the celestial frames link into an out-of-this-world sparkle below the collar. Features an adjustable clasp closure.

Sold as one individual necklace. Includes one pair of matching earrings.




We hope you enjoyed this quick look (with some mega sized photos - zoom in on your phone for detail) at this set!  Empower Me Pink is a mini-style convention that jazzes up the new year and gets me excited for the new styles coming for Spring!  Did you grab any of these?  I hope you did!  They may/may not be released throughout the season, likely in different colored rhinestones - so this is your chance to snap 'em up!

See you soon, Spring 2022!




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