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10 EASY REASONS TO JOIN PAPARAZZI | Paparazzi Jewelry Independent Consultant Training Tips Success and Resources | Gem Box Accessories
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If you're loving the jewelry and curious about the next steps in ordering your kit and becoming a Consultant, let me help you out.  This is a fun, low-key approach to something I've loved doing since 2016.  No pressure.  If you get a laugh - even better! Emojis unite! Haha!  Let's be cheeky and fun, shall we?
Paparazzi has been my jam for over five years............when will you join me? $ is $......right?  And let's not forget that discount - yes, ma'am! 
1.🧠 Why Paparazzi makes sense and is a no-brainer
The product - $5, people want it, in high demand, all age groups, even some for men, and don't forget kiddos! New items come out every Mon-Fri and you get to choose your inventory purchases!
Great compensation plan - 45% commission. Team volume commission.  If you grow a downline you get paid to mentor them in the form of commission from their qualified inventory purchases.  Sell the jewelry, grow a team, and make an impact!
Lots of room to grow - NOT Saturated. Some people still don't know about it. People have never heard of it although it's a decade old company that is debt free.  Still able to build a customer base and introduce people to Paparazzi.  Even if you have local Consultants nearby, they don't know who you know and there is room to create your niche.
2.👍 How Paparazzi differs from other Direst Sales, Network Marketing, and MLM companies
-NO catalogs of the same ol' stuff.
-Products changes/new releases 5 days a week, once a year we get Saturday new stuff too! Hello Pink Friday.
-Less expensive than most stores on clearance =  a great deal
-Can actually sell product at shows, events, home boutiques, as well as online.  Sky's the limit, you marketing guru in the making.
-No long speeches or long explanations of product. Our big slogan is "$5 Jewelry" and wait till they see the $25 Zi Collection and $1 Starlet Shimmer; so much to choose from.
-Stuff sells out =  demand for your inventory
-Paparazzi has an exclusive lineup of jewelry, check the crown.
-You get dibs on the product you love and your jewelry wardrobe will be blingin'.
-Can sell from your phone!  Flash sales, photos, selfies, you can have fun with it.
-We don't compete because all consultants carry different items.  Cooperation is even better than competition and your team can be a source of inspiration and help.
3. 📲 All the ways to sell Paparazzi
LIVE parties
Home parties
Craft Fairs
Online Website
In person
Free website
Bling bag
Trunk shows from your car
Shop from your home
Office parties
Retail stores
Album parties
Anything you can think up:)
But you can do it all on Facebook..........and YouTube.......and Instagram.  Make money from your social media networks and expand your reach.
4. 😍😘😁 3 Ways you make money with Paparazzi
Selling it - 45% commission = $2.25 per piece
Growing a team - Get paid to help and support your teammates
Take your commission + product profit and INVEST!
5.📈 Residual income is smart – passive money that keeps coming, like an awesome 401K that you collect NOW
-Multiple streams of income – type of people doing Paparazzi
-Tax shelters – deductions 
-Friends – more friends than you might expect
-Travel, vacations
-Slush fund for unexpected events
-Fundraise for your own goals
6. ✅ SUPPORT for joining. You'll really enjoy building relationships with people on our team and being a part of our group
*private team Facebook groups
*live training
*personal relationships with team
*email newsletters
*monthly Founder messages
*weekly Founder inspo
*monthly Producer + Elite call training
*on camera makeup + lighting training
*realistic growth goals = no pressure inventory development
*contests, challenges
*convention prep
*empower me pink prep
*upline Elite help
*regional training
*custom e-book style training on what to do before your kit arrives
*custom training on how to hit Director + rank up
*custom training on how to market
*free team memberships to Canva + PicMonkey
*team inspirational podcast
You won't be left to wonder how to build your business - there are lots of ways to connect
7.🛍️ KIT sizes and prices
2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣️ pieces for $499 =  Start with the 200 piece kit as it's the best value! Comes with $1000 of product. FREE convention ticket ($250 value). This kit gives you jewelry at LESS than the Consultant price with that awesome THAT to another home-based MLM startup.
1️⃣2️⃣5️⃣️ pieces for $299 = $625 retail profit 
3️⃣5️⃣️ pieces for $99 = $175 retail profit
Psst! I started with the $99 kit and wished I'd gotten the big one.  I know it's kinda scary to drop that kind of money on an unknown but you will get inventory over time and why not spend less per piece to do it?  Ask me about the kits anytime and I'll help you find the right one for you.
8. 💎💍 JOIN NOW! Get in for 2022!
GO LIVE when you get your kit and start selling. The minute you sign up you can BEGIN your business!  It's a process you'll learn over time and I'd like to help you with that - we've got team tools + tips.
🤔 Some questions that I get asked that might help clarify this Paparazzi gig:
✔️Is there a recurring annual/yearly fee?
NOPE - Once you buy your kit you no longer need to re-enroll. 
Annually you are required to purchase 100 pieces/200 PV to keep your Consultant ID.  This weeds out those who join and disappear or aren't interested in ordering product.  This can be done at your pace on jewelry you choose and you get 12 months from your join date each year to do it.
✔️What do you have to do to be active or is there a monthly qualifying cost?
25 pieces a month = 50 PV = $68.75 minus tax and shipping.  Active = Name on Paparazzi Website + qualifying step for commission (see Compensation Plan).
✔️Are there any incentives when you order jewelry from Paparazzi for your inventory?
Hostess rewards, yes!  For every 10 2PV items you order for inventory you get one FREE.........If you reach certain goals this can DOUBLE.
✔️What is the shipping cost when you order inventory from Paparazzi?
All orders ship for $5.95 and $100+ orders ship FREE.
✔️Can you choose what is in your starter kit?
Not in the kit, these are pre-stocked and ready to roll out. However, the minute you join, you can shop ASAP at your Consultant discount even before your kit arrives.
✔️Is there a mandatory monthly subscription?
NOPE.  You get to choose what you purchase every time.  If you like monthly subscription box style options...there is the Fashion Fix which is optional and SO cool.  It's like $84 a month and it's a lot of fun.
✔️Do I have to pay for the jewelry upfront?
You order inventory at $2.75 a piece online from Paparazzi and resell at $5.............45% commission or $2.25 earned on each item!  Now remember, you'll have some startup costs of packaging, shipping materials, processing/invoicing fees - be sure to plan your budget and it's always max profit with cash purchases!  This is where a strong sponsor can come in - good info to grow profitably.
9. 👉 If it's still on your mind, it's worth taking the leap.
That means.............
OPPORTUNITY AWAITS!  Now mama, it's up to you - there are ways to sell and ways to make profit and ways to invest and ways to be smart about it.  You can learn and grow into this new gig - I've been there and can help you learn the ropes.
The minute you get your kit you are getting product CHEAPER than what you'd buy it for as a's that for a sweet deal?  That reason alone is why I joined.  Why pay someone $5 for what they have when I can see ALL of what Paparazzi has in stock daily and order it for myself at $2.75?  Hey, a deal's a deal!
10. 👑Jump in before you look back and wish you had.🙋‍♀️ 
I joined in 2016 and I can't really tell you how many times I'd wished I'd known about this in 2011.  However, there are so many people who've joined recently who are making a genuine go of this business and seeing success. So there's no time like the present. I'd love to see what you can do.  Wanna give it a go?
⭐️When I hear objections to Paparazzi I think, “Wait, you’re missing out”. ✔️
- Missing out on new trends just around the corner
- Missing out on FREE jewelry 
- Missing out on future commissions
- Missing out on that rainy day savings
Not every opportunity is a good one. Not every deal is worth taking. But $2.75 for the most exclusive, cute, trendy, match-able, affordable jewelry is literally the smartest #hustle I’ve seen. 🔝 What are you waiting for? 🔜✔️ 
If you'd like to join Paparazzi as an Independent Consultant - click HERE to choose me as your sponsor and be on my downline team.  I'll be calling you in 2-5 days and help you get started.  You ready? I am! 

Avg Paparazzi Commissions here/Sales vary per Consultant:
 Income Disclosure Statement
Thanks for taking a minute to read this easy-going approach to joining Paparazzi.  All I can say is over the years I've seen a lot - change, growth, challenges....and I'm still here.  Why?  Because of the people I've met and the dang cutest jewelry I've ever found.  I love it.  I love selling, I love teaching, I don't mind helping and I'll keep going.  That's the funny thing about passion projects - they really do bring zest to your life.  At the end of the day you get one opportunity to really rock this existence and knock it out of the park - for me, being a Paparazzi Independent Consultant is fun.  100%.  It's time you discover it too - see you soon Consultant-To-Be!


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