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TIPS TO REACH THE RANK OF PAPARAZZI DIRECTOR - Gem Box Accessories | Paparazzi $5 Jewelry
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This new Paparazzi role is exciting and you might be asking yourself, "Now that I've joined, what do I need to DO to sell and grow?"

I'm here to help break it down as simply as possible. Let's talk about what your first steps should be and how to feasibly reach them.
Pro Tip: Remember, much depends on your willingness to do things that may seem new. Stepping out of your comfort zone (i.e. doing it even if nervous, scared, tired, or feel unprepared) will get you the best results. That's how you develop your skills. Even the big Consultants started small and scared and new.
The two things that matter more than anything are these key points:
  • Go live as much as possible.
  • Share WHY you joined Paparazzi and offer the opportunity to join on every single live.
Consultants who go live often will have far more success selling than those who use pictures. Consultants who share the opportunity will recruit more than those who hardly mention it.
Why is this goal important? Answer: Commission

You will receive a 15% commission on the starter kits of everyone who joins under you. This is a Business Building Bonus from Paparazzi.
After those who joined order their kits, you will receive a 10%, commission on every subsequent Paparazzi order they place (minus tax & shipping).
  • 3 People Sign Up Under You = $45 Commission from their kits
  • 3 People Under You Order $100 each = $30 Commission

    Pro Tip: You can see how this will add up as you add more people and encourage them to be successful and sell as well.
Please know this isn't about recruiting as many people as possible and telling them to buy as much as possible.
We are here to find the families who need Paparazzi to give them style, opportunity, and personal growth. YOU could be the person someone has been waiting for before they sign up.
If the right person joins and is taught how to be successful they will naturally need product to offer which leads to ordering more jewelry. This is how you grow your team and commission ethically.

Weekly Habits To Reach Director FAST

It's as simple as opening every box you get live and showing what you ordered. Go live on your personal timeline.  Go live on your Business Page.  Try Instagram Live.  Try YouTube.  BE the person who everyone SEES by being on the most.

When live, be sure to type into the description how to shop:

Copy/Paste the following onto the description of your live:

💎 Paparazzi LIVE! Unboxing! 💎 Tap my nose to join the $5 party!

⚡️Comment SOLD to claim (all claims final)
⚡️All items $5 Lead & Nickel Free
⚡️Invoices Friday + Ships for $3.75

Join Paparazzi and get each $5 piece for $2.75: https:www.paparazziaccessories/[your consultant ID here]

#PaparazziUnboxing #PaparazziLive #PaparazziJewelry #PaparazziNearMe #ShopPaparazzi #PaparazziAccessories #PaparazziVideo #PaparazziShow #BlingShop #PaparazziConsultant
As customers claim pieces mark off on the inventory sheet that came with your box who buys each item and make sure you get their email or Venmo ID to invoice them. Send invoices out after your live. Follow up with your customers. Give them a free piece for sharing your live. Comment on their Facebook photos and posts. Be a friend.

Other ways to take payment: Paypal, Square, Cash App, Venmo
I use Shopify 
You will have a positive response to the jewelry and people will be curious. Many people don't know that they can do this too. Tell them why you became a Consultant and share your link to join under you EVERY live. If customers show an interest immediately call or message them. Don't be afraid to ask them to join and support you. Many will be excited just like you were to join!
Once a week pick a day to ship. You can go to the post office and mail the packages just like you would to a friend. Use the Priority envelopes and labels at the post office since it's free.  You can always build up to shipping from home with customized packaging later.  Your goal is to save costs and grow.

Post a daily giveaway, try a messenger or Marco Polo party, ask customers to drop emojis on pics for their faves.  Yes, you will be busy, but you want to be the best and this is a FAST start - it will be a hustle!

If someone buys from you, reach out and let them know they can save + sell too.  Don't be afraid of 'No thanks'.  See it as freeing you to move on to your next 'Yes.'  If someone shows interest in joining, follow up.  Go until you hear no.  Talk to EVERYONE.  This has the most impact so don't shy away from it.  You'll be nervous but do it SCARED anyway.

Pin a big paper with a 3 on it to your shirt when live - when people ask, share why you are trying to reach Director.  Let people know you want their support. 

When you go live, close the video with reviewing the Starter Kits, How to join with your link, the perks of joining, and how Paparazzi has impacted your life.  Be sure to link the average earnings for Consultants Income Disclosure Statement here:

The BEST thing you can do for your business in the first 2 weeks is GO LIVE. You'll be nervous at first but focus on the people you talk to. Let the sales be your secondary focus. Money will come - but you need to find people to buy and the best way to do that is find those looking for Paparazzi and be visible WHEN they are looking. The trick is to be visible as much as possible to reach as many people as possible.
Benefits of Going LIVE

  • Mini lives (30 minutes or less) = best for daily lives showing 10 items at least, in matching sets
  • More often, shorter lives = good
  • More often, longer lives = BEST
  • Live daily for at least 10 minutes with at least one WEEKLY marathon or 3 hour live = ROCK STAR

Reach Director doing these simple habits CONSISTENTLY and then you will be on your way to becoming a Paparazzi expert and leader. If you have any questions, reach out to your sponsor or to me. We are here to help!

After joining, make reaching the rank of Director YOUR MAIN FOCUS. Don't worry on the numbers of who joins vs who doesn't...just go live, be excited, and share to those who love the jewelry how to join. Put your heart into it and trust the process to work. Those who need this will find it - just like you did. Just like I did. Now, go grab that success!


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