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THE BLING BLOG: Step 1 - New Consultant On Our Team? Welcome!

THE BLING BLOG: Step 1 - New Consultant On Our Team? Welcome! | Paparazzi Jewelry Independent Consultant Training Tips Success and Resources | Gem Box Accessories
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New Consultant On Our Team?
Your Official Welcome!


Hello to you, our NEW Star Consultant!


I want to personally welcome you to our team, Aim High. If I am your sponsor, please know I take that seriously and truly want your success. If I am not your sponsor, you are connected to someone in my downline - the whole is our awesome team.  You're part of a great group.


My leadership style is one where I believe the following:
"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."
This quote applies to your role in Paparazzi in that our team is here to show you the ropes or to teach you to 'fish' so you have the skills to hone your craft quickly and effectively. The first 20 days will be the introductory period where I introduce you to our team and cover basic methods of operations. After that 20 days, you will have a foundation for the skills to become an expert Consultant in time.  My role isn't to create your business for you.  You'll be accountable to yourself.  I'm here as a resource and encouragement but how you function as a Consultant is driven by you. 
I am grateful you chose our team and please know that Paparazzi will enrich your life in ways you may not expect in the near future and create a joyful memory trail as you look back.  However you want to approach your new venture is up to you.  Your team is a resource to help you learn how to sell, grow your own team, and be informed on what Paparazzi is all about.


Being a part of Paparazzi and our team is an adventure and I am excited to share it with you! Welcome! It's a safe, uplifting place with a lot of experts. We foster a peer-to-peer environment where we are all equals, regardless of rank, experience, or sales. You're in good hands. Take a moment to soak in this excitement of getting your kit and starting your business journey.


As a new Consultant on our team, you will receive a welcome kit from me if I am your personal sponsor. This will come in the mail - so check your mailbox! 

💓 Welcome Kit = a welcome letter, party checklist, new consultant checklist, a monthly progress worksheet ✔️ & tips on how to use your party planner.  It's designed to give you insight on how to begin your method of operation with a personal touch.

All others - you may want to reach out to your sponsor and see if they have a separate team group you can join as well as this main one and ask to review the New Consultant Checklist.  If your sponsor doesn't reach out, I'm happy to help.  There are no rules as to where you can learn and grow your goals - it's however you want to approach it.  I'm here to make sure you don't feel alone, lost, or wondering what steps to take to begin your journey.  Take a moment now and text your sponsor to let them know you want to go over that in the next few days.

Here is the checklist for your reference:


Again, WELCOME to Paparazzi! This blog is designed to be read like a text-book, Paparazzi 101. They've been created to give you the strongest start, whether you shop for the discount, want a little extra income, or hope to pursue this full-time. All of the steps are there.


I look forward to getting to know you!


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