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STEP 2: BEFORE YOUR PAPARAZZI KIT ARRIVES - Gem Box Accessories | Paparazzi $5 Jewelry
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Hi there! Welcome to our Paparazzi Accessories Family!

While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, which can take 3-5 business days, here are helpful training tips to help you get started.

Question: When will your kit arrive?
Answer: If you order on a Friday, it likely won't ship until Monday. All other days, please allow 3-5 business days for your kit to arrive. You will be emailed tracking.

Here are KEY things to do BEFORE your Kit arrives!

Pro Tip: These ideas are not required but will help you find the fastest and easiest road to success. Please remember your journey with Paparazzi will largely be what YOU make of it. My goal as a team leader is to help you start strong and avoid the common mishaps that can come up.

1. ANNOUNCE your new journey on social media.
Do this immediately after you join.
Social Media Platforms to Consider:
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, SnapChat, & VSCO.

-Take an "I'm TOO EXCITED" selfie and post it on social media.
Why: You want to build excitement with your audience, family and friends. Let them know you're beginning this new adventure.

2. Start a "Countdown to my Kit" post on social media the day after or soon after joining.
Goal: Create A Conversation and buzz for your business.

-Ask people to guess the exact day and time it will arrive! People love guessing stuff! Let them know they can win a free piece of jewelry from your kit for guessing that you choose.

3. Share your WHY on social media right before your kit arrives.
Why: People may not know what Paparazzi is or the benefit of joining. You are now a spokesperson as an Independent Consultant. People invest in things that have personal value and your WHY can generate interest in your products. Share your reason for joining on social media platforms.
Pro Tip: Use a selfie of you wearing jewelry or writing your why to create engagement.

4. Begin planning your methods of Operation
- Think of a business name (this can change, don't worry but it can be as simple as "Paparazzi Jewelry by _____ {Your First Name}
- Log in to Paparazzi's website ( using your Consultant ID and temporary password emailed to you by Paparazzi upon joining. Create new Username and Password.
- Go over the New Consultant Checklist with your sponsor or Tianne. This Checklist can be found by logging in as a Consultant to Paparazzi's website using your browser (not the app). Once logged in, click your profile and this will take you to the home page of your Back Office. In the top tab locate Resources, click that. On the left hand side will be a menu bar, click Consultant Resources. Download the New Consultant Checklist. If the Back Office confuses you, call your sponsor or Tianne. Don't sit and try to figure it out and get lost. It's faster if you let an expert show you the first few times.

5. Plan to present your Kit Unboxing Live Video
This is where you go live bravely and open your kit. You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
Pro Tip: YouTube requires a 24 hour approval period before you go live. Take time to create a profile on the social media platforms you want to use.
Your excitement will be contagious (in a good way). Don't forget to mention WHY you joined and the low startup of $99. People want to know about this and how to get in on it- just like you did.

6. Use Our Team Facebook Team Group as your Encyclopedia of Training.
You can spend hours over researching, watching other Consultants, or waiting for the right moment....there's no need.
Our training is from years of learning what works vs what doesn't. It's all right here in our group. How do you access it?  From the home page of our team Facebook group:
a. The white rectangular search bar with the magnifying glass is your Google box to training in this group. Type in key words like: live, business cards, shipping, graphics, etc and hit enter. This will give you all of the info in our group about that topic. Posts are also organized by topic. You can click each topic if you want to see content in this group from the past that covers that subject. Your team is here to guide you. You are never alone or lost.
b. Go through the units, one at a time, in order. Don't overthink it and go slowly. You have time to grow into this new role.

7. Prepare to go LIVE unboxing your Kit!
The next part in this unit, Step 3 will go over the 10 items you will need to go live for the first time. You will want to immediately order any supplies you feel you need so that you are ready to go LIVE to show yourself unboxing your kit.

If you do all of these things by the time your kit arrives, you will already feel like you are more prepared! Don't worry if you have a lot to learn or feel nervous. You're here to take this one step at a time. You'll learn in a non-stressful way for the first 20 days. After that you will be prepared to hone your skills and become a Paparazzi expert. For now though, this is just building the skeleton of your business to get you started on the right path.

I am so excited to have you part of our team! We are a supportive group that will cheer you on and be there to answer your questions.

Please remember that this will take time to become used to your Back Office, what things mean, and how this Paparazzi business works. You have plenty of time. The goal is to GET STARTED!  YOU GOT THIS!


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