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Rank Up: 5 Weekly Habits To Hit Director

Rank Up: 5 Weekly Habits To Hit Director | Paparazzi Jewelry Independent Consultant Training Tips Success and Resources | Gem Box Accessories
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Rank Up: 5 Weekly Habits To Hit Director

If you're into Paparazzi for a few months you will come across words like "Top Seller" or "Elite" and wonder what that is all about.  You may also come across the ranks listed on the compensation plan and ask yourself, "What do I need to DO to sell and grow?  How do I reach THAT rank?"

I'm here to help break it down into five easy tips on what it means to rank up to the biggest milestone as a new Consultant - reaching Director.  I'll share what it takes to understand the basic commission structure behind rank and the weekly habits to hit that Director goal.  


💡 Pro Tip: Remember, much depends on your willingness to do and learn things that may seem new. Stepping out of your comfort zone (i.e. engaging in the task even if nervous, scared, tired, or feel unprepared) will get you the best results. That's how you develop your skills. Even the most illustrious Consultants started small and scared and new. 


The two key points that influence your ability to rank up to Director and above are:
  • Sharing the product with as much visibility and versatility as you are able.
  • Sharing the joining opportunity in conjunction with sales to generate a team of motivated sellers like you.


There are a lot of ways to sell Paparazzi jewelry online.  You can also offer in-home parties and events.  You can develop a personal website.  You can go live.  You can do fundraisers if you want to have a philanthropic perspective.  You can get creative with your marketing plan.  Some things I've noticed over the years is that Consultants who go live often will have far more success selling than those who use pictures alone. Consultants who share the opportunity will recruit more than those who hardly mention it.  Your drive will determine your audience.  If you are strong minded about reaching new online audiences and bold in your interpersonal approach, you'll grow quicker than someone who is hesitant or reserved.  This is the nature of sales overall.  Take into account before you try to rank up if this is in your wheelhouse.  You don't have to hit rank to have a thriving Paparazzi business.  The choice is up to you.
The multi-level-marketing structure of Paparazzi is designed for you to not only sell jewelry and see a profit margin, but also to recruit, which enriches your sales profit by introducing a commission.  It's a two-fold opportunity and many people don't realize Paparazzi is a MLM and has this direct sales commission platform.  I like knowing that not only can I sell the product on its own, but I can create a team where other women like me (don't forget men sell too!) can watch their own business blossom and get paid for my time.  It's a two-fold opportunity.


Now, let's chat about something that we all appreciate in a business: profitability!  At the end of the day this is a financial endeavor, so let's talk shop!




Why is this goal of Director important?
Answer: Commission



Above is Paparazzi's compensation plan.  It's how you qualify for rank and commission and the payment structure behind the organization.  You're in business - first and foremost.  The money is what drives the machine, right?  So let's chat about where the money comes from beyond selling jewelry to your customers.


Commission is another way to generate income.  Commission is paid from Paparazzi to you by the 21st of your qualifying month, resets monthly, and doesn't rollover.  It is designed to be an incentive for you to help your team's businesses by fulfilling a healthy sponsorship role and receiving compensation for that.  Take a minute and look at the lateral row of ranks and the descending columns of payment and bonuses for each rank.  Your first goal is DIRECTOR -  that first jump past Star Consultant where you can begin to realize commissions at a higher level and grow your team.


Commission is a monetary amount driven by your team's monthly purchases in the Back Office.  Because your commission is driven from downline teammate purchases through Paparazzi, there is an inherent inference to be deducted.  Your role in team-building is one that requires you to be wise and sensitive. The goal isn't to have your team buy inventory to pay you a commission.  The goal is mentor them on how to increase their profit margin so that they organically grow.  Your commission is a reflection of that growth trend for your team, not an opportunity for you. 
Not everyone is able to approach this with caution and so choosing to sponsor carries a responsibility beyond the money - please remember your commission stems from the people who are connected to you: their budget, their families, their needs, and their capabilities. Your sponsorship should navigate this with honesty and frequent check-ins and reasonable mentoring.  You're not responsible for how your team purchases, but you are responsible for your response to that.  Your integrity matters.
Remember, this is a business, you want to be as profitable as you can, but be sensitive to those who help you in your journey by helping them in equal measure along theirs and encouraging organic, natural growth.  If the right person joins and is taught how to be successful they will naturally need product to offer which leads to ordering more jewelry.  This is driven by their business, not yours.  By teaching your team how to succeed you succeed as well. This is how you grow your team and commission ethically.
This earning capacity will reset monthly on the 1st, so track your progress in the Back Office under the Commissions tab. Familiarize yourself with this tab and the different ways you can see your team's performance.  There is a ton of info that can really help!


You might wonder how it works once your team really begins to grow.  Is it better to focus on your personally sponsored or team as a whole?  Your commission percentage does depend on where in the downline someone is placed so naturally your first focus is on those who chose you to be their sponsor. This higher commission at the first level (unilevel 1 on the compensation plan) encourages you as a sponsor to be present for your team and teach the same to those they recruit.  You'll see the most commission but also will have the most impact because of the direct relationship.  If you focus a lot of time on someone three levels down you will see a nominal financial return and they may not really know you.  That's why it's key to teach people to reach out to their personally sponsored themselves, they likely know them whereas you might be a total stranger.  It's about interpersonal dynamics. 


However, as my team grew I was in touch with downline teammates that were not on my commission structure (they were below the paid levels).  I also meet a lot of Consultants who aren't even on my team.  No matter what, I reach out to help like I signed them up.  I don't mind.  Why?  Because at the end of the day, people need someone to bounce ideas off of and learn with.  I learn from them too.  Plus, I like to help anyone find their footing and it makes me feel good to encourage others in this business.  You can define your style and level of reach. Feel it out and take into account your time, personality, and abilities and do your best as you develop your team.  If leadership isn't your strong suit and recruiting isn't for you - the sales option is always there.  I like thinking of it in this way:  I love the jewlery; that's the reason I joined as a Consultant.  I'm a jewelry girl.  However, if someone chooses to join my team, I want to help them learn the ropes and love it too.  I'm grateful Paparazzi offers compensation on sales and leadership - it's a twofold opportunity to provide income.


Okay we've talked about the incentive in growing your business and explained commissions.   Maybe you've learned something new or gained a different perspective.  Perhaps you've got a firmer grasp on how to lead and what compensation can come from encouraging others to find their own success.  I hope that your goal of reaching rank has more value because you see how it benefits you but also those on your team.  It's a collaboration that can absolutely be a win-win. Now let's talk about what it takes throughout the week to generate sales AND generate commission too!

5 Weekly Habits To Reach Director FAST

1.  GO LIVE AT LEAST 3x's A WEEK for a minimum of 3 hours each live!  
It's as simple as opening every box you get live and showing what you ordered.  Repeat this process with every new box and get creative if you don't have new inventory coming in.  Show the items in sets or in color profiles or as categories like earrings.  I had a customer tell me she needed to see a piece 3 times before she bought it.  Once as a piece alone, second as a match to another item so she'd know what to wear it with, and lastly to snap it up!  So don't be discouraged if you show an item a few times...the idea is to be the channel that is on the most!  Go live on your personal timeline.  Go live in your Business Page or VIP Group....try Instagram or HAPPS.  Put your face out there, your inventory, and mix it up.  It's not about doing the same thing over and over and expecting results - it's about broadcasting your business as much as possible.

Copy/Paste the following onto the description of your live, which you can personalize with your schedule + how to find you online:

💎 Paparazzi LIVE! Jewelry Unboxing! 💎  Click to join the live!  Let's see what I have in my box today - first dibs here!

⚡️Comment SOLD to claim (all claims final)
⚡️All items $5
⚡️Ships Friday for $4 Flat Shipping

Send me your email after the live or in the comments for invoicing.  Invoices sent immediately after the live and due in 24 hours.  

Join Paparazzi and get each $5 piece for $2.75: [put Consultant ID here at the end of the URL]

#PaparazziUnboxing #PaparazziLive #PaparazziJewelry 
#PaparazziConsultant #LiveShopping #JewelryUnboxing
As customers claim pieces, mark off on the inventory sheet that came with your box who buys each item to manage your inventory.  There are Excel spreadsheets you can develop and a more complex inventory storing system as no retailer sells out of everything, but to start, these inventory sheets in your orders are easy and accessible.  For every customer, make sure you get their email or Venmo ID to invoice them or communicate. Send invoices out after your live as promised and post online where you went live that invoices were sent.  PM those that purchased to check their spam/junk folders. Follow up with your customers. Give them a free piece for sharing your live.  Keep a birthday list and offer free shipping.  Make a list of Fashion Fix Trend Blends and list customers by their Showroom Designer Quiz results and offer a quick email flash sale of that style of items you have on hand.  Do a giveaway of a Zi item for a holiday. Comment on their Facebook photos and posts. Be a friend.  Your customers are like you before you joined.  Think of what would add to their shopping experience and communicate.  People can buy jewelry anywhere, create a unique vibe to buying jewelry with YOU.

You will have a positive response to the jewelry and people will be curious. Many people don't know that they can do this too as an Independent Consultant. Tell your live viewers why you became a Consultant.  Post your join link in your video descriptions and online posts. If customers show an interest immediately call or message them. Don't be afraid to ask them to join and support you. Many will be excited just like you were to join!
It can be touchy to reach out to customers.  Please, please, please don't send random Facebook messages like "Hey girl..." that is offensive to most people.  Let customers lead out in recruiting.  Your role isn't to convince people to join but instead to offer the information and let them choose when to approach you.  One way I like to mention it is during my lives I will say: "If you like to shop regularly and you've ordered $99 from me, consider becoming a Consultant.  That way you can order at $2.75 an item from Paparazzi instead of paying $5 to me.  You can see everything Paparazzi has, not just my inventory.  You could sell like I do or in a way you think would be fun or work with your life.  Grab the discount, go big, or just enjoy the fun access.  Let's do this together!"  I find that natural, friendly, zero-pressure offer is genuine and doesn't come off as salesy or impersonal.
Once a week pick a day to ship. You can go to the post office and mail the packages just like you would to a friend. Use the Priority envelops and labels at the post office since it's free.

Once you master this simple process and hit Director, then you can dive into Shopify for a website, doing New Release albums on Facebook, and mastering social media algorithms.

The BEST thing you can do for your business in the first 2 weeks is GO LIVE. You'll be nervous at first but focus on the people you talk to. Let the sales be your secondary focus. Money will come - but you need to find people to buy and the best way to do that is find those looking for Paparazzi and be visible WHEN they are looking. The trick is to be visible as much as possible to reach as many people as possible.
5.  Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
Mini lives (30 minutes or less) = best for daily lives showing 10 items at least, in matching sets

More often, shorter lives = good

More often, longer lives = BEST

Live daily for at least 10 minutes with at least one 3 hour live = ROCK STAR

Reach Director doing these simple habits and then you will be on your way to becoming a Paparazzi expert and leader. If you have any questions, reach out to your sponsor or to Tianne. We are here to help!

Don't worry on the numbers of who joins vs who doesn't...just go live, be excited, and share to those who love the jewelry how to join. Put your heart into it and trust the process to work. Those who need this will find it - just like you did. Just like I did. Now, go grab that success!
Hopefully this post clarifies what commission means, how to maximize it effectively, and a set of great tips on how to grow your business.  That way, not only do you sell but you can recruit and see success....but you help others along their road too!  Let me know your thoughts.  Here's to you, future Director!


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