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HOW TO SELL PAPARAZZI BEFORE YOUR KIT ARRIVES - Gem Box Accessories | Paparazzi $5 Jewelry
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If you just joined as a Consultant- you're probably thinking you have to wait until your kit arrives before you can really hop to it and sell.
Not true! I can help you learn how!
Estimated Time: 1 HOUR

👩‍🏫 Prep List To Get Started:

1. Login to your Back Office (if first time, Paparazzi emailed you how to log in). If you have already set up your own username and password, go to your Home Page in your Back Office.

2. Desktop/Laptop or Mobile Device

3. About an hour to accomplish this goal.

4. Your Facebook VIP Group and Business Page already set up. It doesn't have to perfect, just up so you can post in it. It's okay if it's empty- you're just getting started!

5. Your Business Page URL and VIP Group URL


What is your Business Page and VIP Group URL?
Answer: The link at the top of the browser when you click on your Business Page on Facebook.

NOW that you are on the Home Page of your Back Office & know your URL's for Facebook, let's do this!

Your Back Office is your hub for orders, info, and as you get more familiar, how to grow your team.  It's your virtual space to manage your business connected to Paparazzi. 

First, let's go over how to buy pieces so you have more coming than your kit and if a customer shows interest, you know how to buy it.  It's also great to get into the habit of checking NEW RELEASES each weekday at your time zone.

Pro Tip: New Releases drop Mon-Fri 12p Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, and 3pm Eastern - set an alarm on your phone 5 minutes before the bling drop!


How To Place An Order - Buy Inventory + Purchase New Releases

  1. Once logged into the Back Office, locate NEW ORDER on the top menu bar from your Home Page.
  2. This will redirect you to Paparazzi's current inventory. Each price is now showing your Consultant discount. You add items to your cart by clicking the add button.
  3. When you have the items you want, checkout.
  4. NOTE: If you order 10 items, you get 1 free. This is a Hostess Reward. Paparazzi gives these to you to share or give away during Hostess Parties or as you see fit. Make sure when you order you always buy at least 10 pieces to make shipping less costly and to get that free Hostess Reward.
  5. To grab New Releases FAST - Have items set to all Categories (nothing specific, New Releases is not comprehensive, so I avoid using that category), set to MAX/Page, and Grid. This gives you the most items to see at once to allow for fast additions to your cart.
  6. Pro Tip: HOT items sell in minutes. Add 10 of that HOT item to your cart and checkout. Once that item is secure, go back and shop more leisurely for items that may stay in stock longer. Yes, items will leave your cart - it happens to us all. BUT there is always new jewelry coming! Your business won't fail due to one lost piece.
Pro Tip: Free Hostess Rewards can negate shipping cost. The Hostess Reward item is worth $5, leaving the cost of shipping $0.95 if you sell that free piece. #Perspective

Shipping When You Shop With Paparazzi

$100 or more = Free Shipping
$99 or less = $5.95

All parcels ship 2 Day via FedEx unless otherwise noted.  You'll see in the news section of your Back Office and receive an email if there are shipping delays.

Now that you know how to order let's get to advertising so you can showcase what Paparazzi has to offer! If a customer claims, you know how to get that piece!  See, you're pretty much a pro!


The goal is to eventually build an inventory but when you first start out, you don't have anything until your kit arrives.  Now that you know how to order, let's learn how to SELL without BUYING.
Sounds crazy, right?  Well it's a great strategy to advertise any piece without buying it first.  Let's get going!
I like to start with Blockbusters. Those pieces are the ones that Paparazzi offers year-round as they are hot sellers.
Paparazzi's inventory cycles out based on item popularity. Some pieces sell out in moments, others can linger in the Back Office for up to 3 weeks. Blockbusters are unique in that they are always available - some may sell out temporarily, but will always come back.
Start by clicking the Category: Blockbusters when you log in to shop. Begin scrolling through and choosing 10 that appeal to you.  I've chosen Miss YOU-niverse.

Copy the description to your clipboard.  At the bottom of the description you'll see smaller thumbnails. These when clicked, will download to your desktop/laptop. You can also take a screenshot on your mobile or tablet, but make sure the crown logo is always visible.

Download/Screenshot the images.
Now that you've got your item, let's get to sharing it!
Pro Tip: Every post you upload should have the following on it:
1. Description of the item (copy/paste Paparazzi's descriptions)
2. Links to all of your Social Media for your business
3. Hashtags

Begin on either your Business Page or VIP Group and decide to CREATE POST.  I've chosen my Business Page as an example.

You can now copy/paste the description and upload the photo(s) for your piece. 
If you have more than one photo per post, be sure to click 'edit all' and add a caption to EVERY photo.
Captions are the advertisement your customers read.  You want a caption on EVERY picture because as people scroll Facebook they might not see your post, but a photo instead.
Here is what you should copy/paste as a caption under each description you input into your post for each item (this is Miss YOU-niverse's caption on every photo).  You'll want to change it to each item:

Miss YOU-niverse - Silver
Item #P2ED-SVXX-052XX
Textured metal bars flare out from a mesmerizing gem, creating a fringe of fanning frames. Sprinkled with matching white rhinestones, the dazzling display falls just below the collar for a sassy finish. Features an adjustable clasp closure.
Sold as one individual necklace. Includes one pair of matching earrings.
Like Us on Facebook: {Insert your Facebook Business Page URL}
Join our VIP Group on Facebook: {Insert your Facebook VIP Group URL}
#PaparazziJewelry #PaparazziAccessories #PaparazziConsultant #PaparazziOpportunity #JoinPaparazzi #Bling #PaparazziLive #FiveDollarJewelry #LeadAndNickelFree #BecomeAPaparazziConsultant #paparazzisponsor #paparazzionyoutube #FashionFix #LifeoftheParty #PaparazziConvention #VintagePaparazzi #PaparazziExclusives #SignatureSeries #PaparazziWebsite #TopPaparazziConsultant #StrongPaparazziSponsor #PlatinumPaparazziSeller #PaparazziNearMe
-------------- 📷📷📷 --------------------
Pro Tip: Be sure to put in YOUR OWN BUSINESS PAGE and/or VIP GROUP URL's as this copy/pasted on it's own won't work.
In the image above you can see I pasted the details into each photo.  Now we're almost there!
When you post multiple photos you can click 'Edit All' before you hit submit.  If you forget this step, it's okay - just copy/paste the links/hashtags above and click "Edit" for each photo. Paste your info and then save. Go through every image and edit the description.
After you've done this, you'll notice every photo now has links and hashtags and a description of what the item is.
Why Go Back And Input Info On Each Photo?
Answer: If someone clicks 'like' on the earrings photo of your Blockbuster, that image will be on their timeline. However, if there isn't any description to find your Business Page, price, or any links, they won't know where to buy the item.
 Pro Tip: When people view or click on a picture on Facebook it will often insert that picture into their timeline for THEIR friends to see. You want everyone who sees your content (i.e. this picture) to know where to find you to shop from you.  That's why having all the info on EVERY photo is key.  People may not see the post just a pic - so make sure every pic has the details to reach/shop your business.
This will make you visible, searchable, and maximize how to shop with you. Work smarter, not harder!
Once you're done editing your photos, click the back arrow and make sure your URL's are good and you like it and then hit POST!  Voila! You've now advertised your first item! CONGRATULATIONS!

Turn Off Sales Format

We aren't able to sell on Facebook Marketplace but sometimes posts end up there on accident.  Make sure you turn off the sale format on any items if they happen to have a price or 'contact seller' on them. We are not allowed to sell on any yard sale, Marketplace, or used/ISO groups. If the sale format is on, it will auto-post your item to Facebook Marketplace. Just remember to turn it off if you see it.
This can happen if you post images with a cost or $.  To avoid, post stock photos one at a time without text.  Go back after you post the photo and...
1. Click Edit Post and past text


After you post your photos/text go back and...
2. Click top right ... and click 'turn off sales format'
There you go! Do this for all 10 Blockbusters!
When customers engage- follow up and talk to them! You're having a conversation before you make a sale.........and don't forget to make it interactive.


How To Make Posts on Facebook Interesting Enough To Click On

-Post a GIF as an image or comment to draw the eye to your post
-Post a quote
-Leave a comment
-LOVE your own post (looks silly but helps drive the algorithm of your page up)
-Ask for customers to rate your product with an emoji or a thumbs up or thumbs down.
Pro Tip: Engagement = Boosted Algorithms, which means Facebook puts your posts at the top of people's timelines, not hidden at the bottom.
This process will help you show your customers what Paparazzi has to offer. You will appear to have fresh, fab jewelry and you can repeat this process any time with any New Release or Blockbuster!  Feel free to use this process to showcase items you want customers to check out.  Remember, you don't have to BUY it to SELL it!

If you post New Releases, be sure to let customers know they are subject to availability and may sell out fast, so claim quick!
Happy selling you Paparazzi Queen!


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