Style Blog: Thanksgiving Fall Autumn Neutral Tablescape - Succulents, Pumpkins, & Gold

Style Blog: Thanksgiving Fall Autumn Neutral Tablescape - Succulents, Pumpkins, & Gold - Gem Box Accessories
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It's officially no longer Fall - but I couldn't just skip Thanksgiving! I feel like Halloween hits and then the next day Christmas trees are going up.  One thing I appreciate as it makes decorating for the seasons a lot easier is to always have a neutral base and then add accents for the season.  

Here is our table for the last little bit of Autumn and Fall, leading to Thanksgiving.  I still don't know if we are going out of town or not (Jeff is finalizing his ideas, I think!)  Until I know for sure, I wanted to at least get our family ready in case last minute plans come up.

This season's harvest tablescape is a soft palette of neutrals with warm touches of olive green and gold.  Not your grandma's green, either!  Although I will say these goblets double up great for Halloween too!  I love reusing pieces and collecting glassware is a fave of mine.

Our table is solid stone on a steel base and it's quartz with little geode caverns trapped inside of it - it's one of my favorite thrift finds on KSL (our local classifieds).   I used faux succulents and grabbed some items I had around the house that fit the theme - I love how it turned out.  However, when my daughter came home she said, "Mom, where are we gonna eat?"  I blithely said, "Taco Bell".  Ha!  Thankfully you can remove the pumpkins and the china and set it aside and when you're ready, put it right back.  Easy!

It's worth noting that as a Paparazzi girl, I had to add a little sparkle.  Our beautiful Professional Prima Donna gold cuff with studded rhinestones works perfectly as elegant napkin rings.  I love finding new ways to use my jewelry.

The vintage glassware is also thrifted and the vintage china and flatware were a gift and the tiny Mexican 'La Palma' nesting baskets my son gave to me when he went to Mexico.  Every table should be about family and memories and this one makes me smile.  Hope you love the little happy Harvest table - it was sure fun to create!

I found a few items online to re-create this look. Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!






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